Cartridge Unit Bearings

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This ball bearing cartridge unit is suitable for use in material handling applications, such as in vibrating conveyors. Mounted bearings combine a bearing mounted inside a housing unit. The bearing housing replaces the need for a casting or weldment to position the bearing securely for reliable operation, and its design determines the type of insert bearing.To use cartridge bearings, the hubs must have been designed to use them (absurd kludges aside). Your hubs will almost surely be classic cup-and-cone hubs, and those will need replacement bearings. However, do note that the proper number of bearings for a hub is not necessarily a number that completely 'fills' the cup bearing race.



Ball Bearing Cartridges Ball bearing cartridges are housings that mount ball bearings and stabilize shafts. They are made of rubber or metal and are typically round shaped. Ball bearing cartridges run quietly and dampen vibration.The mounted housing bearing unit houses the bearings that interact with the shaft going through the center.





QM INDUSTRIES QAAMC11A055SO Cartridge Unit Bearings

37mm Steel
25mm 4.15

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMC11A055SEN Cartridge Unit Bearings

7-1/64 in 1-39/64 in
18300 lbf 8-21/32 in

QM INDUSTRIES QAMC15A070SC Cartridge Unit Bearings

1/2-20 in With Lubrication Fit
0.500 in 1.312 in

QM INDUSTRIES QAMC15A211SB Cartridge Unit Bearings

717905198649 20000
PTFE BJ5 -250 to 550 ºF

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMC22A115MSEO Cartridge Unit Bearings

5-7/8 in Cast Iron
Lubrication Fitting Triple Lip with Flin

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMC22A115MSB Cartridge Unit Bearings

Cast Iron Round
Concentric Collar Contact with Flinger

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMC20A100SM Cartridge Unit Bearings

1200 7/8 in
1-1/2 in 1/8 in

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMC20A100SO Cartridge Unit Bearings

2300 RPM 4-3/4 in
067046 2.1875 in

QM INDUSTRIES QAAMC20A100SEM Cartridge Unit Bearings

-30°F to 250° 3.7500 in
Click here 2.7500 in

QM INDUSTRIES QAMC13A060SO Cartridge Unit Bearings

3.3 17mm
6 In Stock

QM INDUSTRIES QAMC13A060SN Cartridge Unit Bearings

2-3/64 in 5139 lb
SF Round

QM INDUSTRIES QAMC11A055ST Cartridge Unit Bearings

35 mm DIN 5405-1/ISO
125 mm 3800 RPM